No Degree

No Degree

As per a recent poll, 52% of job candidates polled lied on their resume. The telephone rang and it was the Human Resource Manager from his new company. The offer has been withdrawn. During a routine degree verification check, the business learned the potential new employee didn’t have a diploma. Had the candidate been honest, the job was still his. It was an ethics issue.

Five candidates for a high level software sales job were interviewing. The business was aware of a issue with one canddiate. The lead candidate changed his college degree information to “Did Not Graduate.” He was dropped from contention.

A candidate for a Vice President of Logistics position for a multi-billion/multi national company was offered the job. However, the background check couldn’t verify the degree as listed on the restart. The candidate said he would fix the issue. After one weekhe called and faxed over the degree verification information. Only two blank pieces of paper came from the fax. He explained,”I must have faxed the wrong side.” The offer was rescinded the night before his start date due to the integrity issue. The business would have hired him if he had been honest about not having a diploma.

Offers withdrawn because of”no degree” aren’t because the lack of a university degree was a”deal breaker” The problem was during the meeting and that all the high level managers misrepresented themselves on their resume. As a search firm, we always encourage candidates to be upfront and candid about the information on the resume, such as whether they have a college diploma.

Do not attempt to hide it amongst several other educational courses you have taken. If you’re hiring, ask the candidate directly. It is remarkable how many hiring managers”assumed” the candidate graduated. The most deceptive piece on a resume is: University of Any State, 1986-1990. Listing the years but not when they graduated. Common supervision.

Most times, if the candidate has a good background and the chemistry is strong with the company Health Fitness Articles, the company hires the person. Remember 70% of hiring is Chemistry. Degree is not the most essential element.

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