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Girl, do I like bigwig news! Why I’m so performer broke, I don’t understand, but it is been this way. I’ve always been fascinated with their lifestyles and actors. The Pink Panther celebrity Peter Sellers was one, when I was a girl I sent lover letters to my stars and Jerry Lewis was another. I liked to float with my 45 rpm songs to hits from the Beatles, trusting John, Paul, George and Ringo would abruptly stop by my little house in Bethesda, MD, watch me, and be shocked they’d cease and come back on my door.  While remaining in L.A. as a grownup, I came to find that singers were human beings, and not especially pleasant ones. Star gossip spread like flame that was uncontrollable. Everybody knew somebody, that knew. One which didn’t die down for many years, and the most well-known tale, was approximately Richard Gere. A friend of my cousin gift from the ER that day and he maintained that… The most recent bit of celebrity rumours that, sadly, turned out to be authentic, was a couple of months back when I got a message from my comparative in Orange County mentioning Michael J. was lifeless. My guess was Michael Jordan, but I found that the world was ablaze with all the rumors that Michael Jackson was pushed into the hospital, unconscious, once I visited the net. When my comparative was contacted by me and stated that MJ wasn’t dead, he said, Believe me. My partner works at Cedars Sinai in Pediatrics and that she knows. . .You understand the rest!

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