Believers Die Well

Revelation chapter two foretold of this afternoon once the church in Smyrna’s direction will be imprisoned and put to death. Below, some 60 years after the words had been written by the Apostle John, the elderly soul winner whose name means”much fruit”, was shot into the Roman amphitheater and put ahead of the depraved audience that had called to the blood of numerous different Christians.
The office gave the chance to Polycarpus. Offering”If you’ll but curse this Jesus you talk of, I’ll set you free” The audience chanted”curse him, curse him,” however, the man of God wouldn’t. Rather he raised his voice as loudly as his previous framework would allow and stated”Eighty and six years have I served him and he’s done me nothing but great. How then will I curse himmy Lord and Savior?”
“Take him give no heed to what he can say” barked the Centurion to many soldiers because he pointed into the lucky Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna. His words weren’t a warning to anticipate that the Pastor to talk his way but instead an to the soldiers not to obtain the things of Christ since they led him off he would talk to them.

The command has been given to lash him into the rod for burning, but he pleaded”Tie me for the exact same Christ who gave me power to return to the fire will give me power to endure.” He had been permitted to stand untied and that he didn’t try to flee the flames. The audience was astonished at the strength of the man of God. Some cheered in glee. Others celebrated. However there were many who sat at God’s power.

I think that it is safe to state that none perish that this guy died with, although we can’t ignore that a few non-Christians die as bravely as Polycarpus failed. They understand the doubt of the own words, although some can claim they’re going to a much better location. A Christian can die with happiness, since our joy is based on what we have in the life rather than that one that is current.

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