Are the Christian Bible Stories True?

Our textbooks teach concerning these Japanese and German tyrants that were bent on conquering the planet.  I took it and it had been, however I wonder exactly what Japanese and German textbooks read like?

I loathed school history, when I was a teen.  History course was until we coated life, caught up on my sleep.  Struggles, places, lifestyle, the people, and warfare tactics all interested meand with 40’s movie footage and 1930’s improved my fascination.  I envisioned the scene I saw like I had been there at the center of the activity.

I don’t think it is I am dad of 2 a year-old Christian man Caucasian, and husband of one.  For I’m attempting to fool atheist females that are single into believing the Bible is for people who match my profile.
As stated by many, Christians distribute.  They spin the Bible to copy their fees, or when all else fails, claim the bible is out-dated or false.  All discussions are left handed, he/she is considered prejudiced due to those beliefs and any time a Christian defends his beliefs and discarded. 
More and more, I’m faced with individuals who think Christians are merely liars and fill their pockets and hypocrites who bring judgment.  In some instances, those individuals are right.  There are a range of Americans dressed in Christian clothes that prey on weak minds, but lumping all Christians within that category isn’t any more honest than calling Muslims”terrorists”. 

Might it be possible to demonstrate that the Bible is the reality?  What of the propaganda?  Are Christians not only lying hypocrites?  Read this guide.

I’ve heard a lot of people comment that the Christian Bible (Old and New Testament) is false.  In reality, a girl I worked was completely disgusted with the Bible since”it had been written by a lot of guys”.  Is the Bible a group of tales and virtues a group of guys?

In both scenarios, wolves get all the media attention.  Any sheep inquisitive to research pastures are hindered, adding fuel to the flames. 
Propaganda was utilized by army personnel on each side of the warfare to acquire favor.  Lies and war tales were reported to enemy detestation from the press.

The question that I have into this folks that are atheist dismissing debates that are Christian is aim are you?  Are you not responding from the contrary belief (ie. The belief that there’s no God)?  Doesn’t make your discussions inadmissible?
From a Christian standpoint, that isn’t bothersome at all…
Then the Bible is only a year old bit of propaganda spread to swindle the naïve?

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